Surya Mattu
Hi! My name is Surya Mattu. I'm an artist, engineer and journalist based in Brooklyn.
This is my personal site where you can find my work and stories i've published.
And in case you want to contact me
I am wearing a few different hats these days.
I'm a data reporter at Gizmodo's Special Projects Desk.
An R&D Journalism Resident at EYEBEAM and
a Research Scientist at the Center for Civic Media at the MIT Media lab.
Previously, I was a contributing researcher at ProPublica where I was working on   Machine Bias, a series that aims to highlight how algorithmic systems can be biased and discriminate against people. Machine Bias was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for Explanatory Journalism. I have also been a fellow at Data&Society where I investigated how our wireless devices leak data and the impact that has on us.